SCINT is a private innovation and business development company focusing on the use of new sensor, software technologies and smart materials for the development and market introduction of innovative medical devices and apps and other products.

Successful innovation is driven by adressing adequately upcoming professional and consumer needs, the rise and applicability of trends and technologies, cost efficiency and durability of products, upcoming and evolving trends in consumer health and healthcare, the chances of creating new applications via innovative combinations of existing products & technologies. SCINT incorporates these upcoming trends, user needs and business aspects in it´s own smart innovative concepts, products and apps via unique combinations of available knowledge, materials and technologies. These concepts and products, which can be for consumer or for professional use, find their application in the following domains:

• smart packaging and dispensing systems
• smart textile systems for medical, defence and sports applications
• medical sensing & ehealth devices, smart phone health apps with sensing functions
• defence soldier monitoring systems
• renewable energy systems

SCINT is capable of:

• Future forecasting and application of new technologies such as smart textiles, microsensors and nanotechnology
• Combining the use of new technologies & materials for innovation & new business development
• Development of RF sensor systems & RFID-technology (RFID-labels, sensortags, wireless communication systems)
• Development of new packaging, dispensing & closure systems (for pharma, food & industrial use)
• Industrial design: from concept to CAD-design to prototypes to initial production series
• Development of new medical devices, apps & sensor systems
• Innovation and business consultancy & interim project management services
• Creation, funding and setting up of start-up companies and new ventures

SCINT´s experience and expertise further covers:

• Market segments application knowledge and knowledge of user requirements
• Definition and elaboration of realistic concepts incorporating market needs, user needs, financial aspects, production and material constraints
• Detailed engineering of products which can be manufactured at low costs
• Assessment of potential of new technologies for innovations
• Integration of new technologies in products & services

The owner and director of SCINT, Steven Schilthuizen, has more than 24 years of experience in innovation, product and business development in various technology and business areas. The innovation activities of SCINT can be divided in: own IP-based R&D and business innovation and contract R&D and consultancy.

Current key own innovative developments are:

• Heart Rate, HRV and SpO2 sensing watch for COPD, sleep apnea, stress & health monitoring
• Sensorsystem and app for self monitoring of Parkinson´s disease
• Smart 3D textile mattress and sheet system for prevention of skin problems
• Medical sensor system for dried and liquid blood samples
• Posture measuring sports & medical smart sensor clothing
• Non-invasive glucose sensing system
• Surgical face mask with liquid protection and microcimate control

SCINT is cooperating in these innovation activities with healthcare specialists and medical partners, industrial designers, software and electronic engineers, textile engineers and other specialists.

Contact details:

Steven Schilthuizen
Klaproosstraat 20
5056 SM
The Netherlands

tel.: +31 6 129 38 227

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